Monday, April 16, 2007


While driving through the small beach community of Dune Allen, Florida we noticed this sign for a seafood restaurant. Now my question to you gentle readers is this: would any of y'all stop to eat at a place so named? I look forward to your answers and will forward the results of this survey to the owners after recieving a sufficent response. I thank you in advance.

Is there any type of business where the name Stinky's would be an asset?


Devastatin' Dave said...

Anyone with the cajones to call their restaurant "Stinky's" gets props from me and I'll go there at least once just for the novelty.

Devastatin' Dave said...

Stinky's Cheese Shoppe
Stinky's House of Morning Breeze
Stinky's Port-a-Johns
Stinky's Bean Emporium
Stinky's Fertilizer Farm

beamis said...

For the uninitiated Morning Breeze is a brand of perfume that smells like rotten eggs that I used to break out in shopping malls, bars & taverns, family therapy conferences and the Washington subway system to share with all. I bought it by the case from a novelty wholesaler in Baltimore who used to say to me, after he put my purchases in a bag, "have a stinking good time".