Friday, April 20, 2007

I Like Florida

Williford Spring

Well it's been a little over six months now and the verdict is in-----I like Florida! In fact I've become a bit of a homebody by not wanting to travel anywhere else but right here in the Sunshine State. It feels like home in ways that Utah never did.

For me it is the perfect blend of many of the things I love best: wild and rampant nature, the Deep South, a place with a long and colorful history, great thrift stores, Southeastern Conference football, sunny weather, laid back friendly people and a Wal-Mart wherever you need one.

Philosophically it is more in line with my libertarian views with its liberal gun laws, lower taxes (NO INCOME TAX!) and an easy going live and let live attitude that I found to be somewhat lacking in the Beehive State.

All in all I feel that I have found a happy home here in the land of alligators, sunshine and saw grass. If you haven't yet checked out my Florida blog site here's the link:

I hope y'all are as satisfied with your neck of the woods as I am with mine. Come Sunday I'll have been married five whole months!! That's been pretty fun too.

Tonight's sunset behind my house


Lifeless said...

Good on ya son. Things are always best don because of rather than in spite of.

Audie said...

Wow, I LOVE that sunset picture. It looks like an oil painting.

Glad to hear your happiness, sir. At first I had trouble picturing ya outside of the West, but it makes sense -- especially the college football part: yer swimmin' in the deep end of that pool now.