Wednesday, July 13, 2005


Blogger ag in Prague responded to my views concerning secession with much disdain for the potential territorial ambitions of a place like the Republic of Texas. She harbored a lingering suspicion that they might attack their neighbors to gain power. I can understand her views, to a certain extent, what with the Bushes and Lyndon Johnson being some of the biggest warmongers of the last 50 years.

The truth is I seriously doubt Texas would be interested in invading any nearby states. I don't think any Oklahoman or Louisianan would stand for it one itty-bitty second. I can hear it now on the news "a suicide cell from Baton Rouge has just blown themselves up in a tony Dallas hotel lobby filled with the wives of rich cattlemen meeting for their annual conference. " The suicide bomb vest designed by the Tamil Tigers of Sri Lanka will truly change how things are to be decided concerning the ambitions of Empire for a long time into the future.

From state secession we can go to regional break-ups. West Texas is more akin to New Mexico and Chihuahua, while East Texas is akin to Louisiana and Arkansas. I say let the regions evolve and adapt to what works best socially and economically for each individual entity. Physical geography and the attendant culture regions they create should dictate the boundaries of human organization just as it does for all the other animals.

San Francisco could be a principality like Monaco, while New York City evolves into a grand and marvelous city-state like Singapore. The coastal strip of Oregon, Washington and British Columbia are already talking about forming the free and independent nation Cascadia, gourmet marijuana exporter to the world.

Los Angeles is, in geographic fact, the major regional metropolis of northwestern Mexico (more specifically the area of California known as the Southland). Why shouldn't it become more fully integrated with the actual function it serves as an urban core to a real hinterland? An international boudary is meaningless in the face of actual geographic imperatives. The fact that the border line was created by stealing territory through war makes it even more compelling to abolish the scar that it truly represents between our peoples. LA could eventually become an independent territory of Mexico or maybe the capitol of a new state carved from Sonora, Baja, Arizona and California. Or maybe it becomes an independent city-suburb all it’s own.

Africa should have a big conference and abolish the ridiculous colonial boundaries of past invading empires and re-write the map of their continent based on actual geography and the natural affinities of culture and commerce. Switzerland is an excellent example of this process done to perfection.

The day of the super state is over and it is time we start thinking about how we want to re-order this mess. A new day is dawning and Empire is being soundly defeated everywhere it ventures to control. We are going to need a new paradigm or a multiplicity of paradigm(s).

Suicide bombers were never mentioned in Orwell's "1984". A good thing too, because it would've ended the book on page ten. Good-bye Big Brother hello local tribesmen.


Devastatin' Dave said...

Bravo, Beamis!! I'll see you on the ramparts!

Devastatin' Dave said...

Max said...

DD, is there a blog you read where you have not posted that link?

Beamis, I have asked this question elsewhere, but it bears repeating: Can we please start the revolution soon?

Devastatin' Dave said...

Monkey's Max,

Just spreding the good word across the globe. :-)