Friday, July 15, 2005

China calls the bully's bluff

The enclosed link, from today's world headlines, is China's joyful take down of a global bully, the U.S. government. The Chinese military has now publicly placed the prospect of nuclear war on the table over interference in the matter of Taiwan.

I think this is a positive announcement aimed at preserving peace. The U.S., in effect, is finished as a military power in the Far East and good riddance indeed! Our presence has meant nothing more than a legacy of death, destruction and dislocation to the people of East Asia ever since we sailed into Manila Harbor and began building bases in the Philippine archipelago in the early 20th century. It was called, even way back then, gun boat diplomacy.

The following rogues gallery of disasters this policy proceeded to inflict on the region includes: two urban nuclear bombings over Japan (after massive civilian targeted firebombing which incinerated nearly a half-million innocent people); the Korean War; the Vietnam War; plus U.S. inspired political fiascos resulting in massive bloodletting in the Philippines, Indonesia and Cambodia to name but a few.

This new message from China is a clear concise warning: "Yankee go home!", and I hope he does.

Gun boat diplomacy has finally run it's course in Asia. Hip-hip-hooray!

It's only a matter of time before we are tossed from Southwestern Asia too. Tra-rah-rah-boom-dee-ay!


Max said...

Beamis, I disagree that the ultimate aim of the Chinese is preserving peace. I think they are as whacked out as any other superpower has been throughout history. Did you by any chance read my post about China from 27th May? It does not address the exact same issues, but I hope you would find it interesting.

beamis said...

As an American it is none of my business what China wants to do about Taiwan. It is not my country and I am in no position to judge what this portends for the future of anyone. It ain't nothin' I want my tax dollars spent on. Period.

The U.S. political leadership is meddlesome and militaristic and I'm glad the Chinese dragon has some flame to throw after such a long time of somnolence in the destiny of its own affairs.

The main thing is that the U.S. military is being put on notice that it has some very stark and compelling choices facing it if continues to do the bidding of whacked out chief executives in the White House who operate without the Constitutionally mandated consent of the people vis a vis the Congress.

It will help to preserve peace if no one launches a nuke over the status of an island that is way more in thier sphere of influence than of the U.S.A.'s.

Max said...

I agree with all of that.

beamis said...

In the meantime I'll read your missive about China.

Also monkey's max: let your friends know that there are a few rational Americans left. Scattered out amongst the sheep-like herds of government fed sucklings that now constitutes the majority of American society, there are still a few gun slingers and indians ready to work together against the bankrupting villans in power down at the county courthouse. There is still a rebellious notion left in a few of our heads about what it was once meant to be an American. Don't Tread On ME!

Max said...


Don't worry about Europeans thinking that all Americans are idiots. I have been very encouraged lately by the increasing dissent I see and hear coming out of the Homeland, and I have been spreading the good news.

Meanwhile, I feel like a bloody sheep sitting here in my office at 5 o'clock on a Saturday morning.

beamis said...


Devastatin' Dave said...

Everyone was worried in 1999 when the Brits ceded authority of Honk Kong back to China. The horror stories of the Chinese military rolling into Hong Kong have proven to be unfounded. My guess is that the Taiwan situation would be the same.

beamis said...

I have to agree that they are not wanting to spoil a successful model in their midst. In fact I'm sure it is much easier to open and conduct a business or enterprise in China these days than it is in many parts of the United States.

China is the new tiger and I'm glad to see history happening with such a bang. Our western perspective could never have perdicted such an evolution from 1972, in the depths of the Cultural Revolution and seemingly at the very bottom of the heap, until today when they appear to be bobbing up to the top.

Long live the tiger.