Wednesday, May 02, 2007

Back roads to Winter Haven

Last week I drove down to central Florida to attend a three-day training course. I had the leisure to take my time and avoid the interstates, so I drove mostly on lonely back roads through much lesser known and far less glamorous sections of the Sunshine State.

Here are some snapshots of this road trip taken with my ancient, but trusty, Canon A-1 film camera.

Happy May from Dixie!

Confederate floral wreath
Taylor County, FL

Perry, FL

Lakeland, FL

The crew of Mr. Fish

Stately oak and bungalow
Lakeland, FL

After church at the Victory Tabernacle
Lake Alfred, FL

Gator Motel
Kissimmee, FL

Williston, FL

A back road leading home
Leon County, FL

1 comment:

Audie said...

Great stuff, as per usual.

"Leon" County, huh? No wonder you fit in there.

You gon' take me to that Topsail Hill Preserve place if'n I come visit cha? That looks right purty right there, mm-hmm, yes it do.