Wednesday, March 21, 2007

An exciting opportunity!

Crater caused by Flight 93
September 11, 2001

I ran across this vacancy announcement for a National Park Service administrative position at the rural field in Pennsylvania where Flight 93, of 9/11 fame, came crashing to the ground. Leave it to the federal government to create permanent bureaucracy out of profound catastrophe and death.

Here are some highlights from the actual vacancy announcement:

Flight 93 National Memorial (PA)

GS-7 Office Support Assistant

"This GS-7 position provides a unique and exciting opportunity to join the Flight 93 National Memorial team in the development and management of a memorial to the heroes of Flight 93 by providing all administrative and office management support at the park.

Maintains all accounting records, pays bills, reconciles status of funds, assists in preparation of budget documents for briefings, manages advisory commission meeting logistics, arranges and manages travel for staff and commission members, prepares personnel actions, procures supplies, serves as timekeeper for staff, and attends meetings and/or participates in conference calls with associated minute-taking.

Sensitivity, discretion, communication skills, a high degree of organization, attention to detail and procedures, and technological skills are all critical qualifications

As soon as I think I've seen everything the universe goes and produces yet another government funded absurdity for my viewing pleasure.

So don't delay folks because the application window for this "unique and exciting opportunity" on the "Flight 93 Memorial team" closes soon.


Devastatin' Dave said...

That hole doesn't look big enough for a passenger jet crash.

Also, I'm putting together my KSAs as we speak.

beamis said...

For those outside of the Park Service fraternity, the acronym KSA stands for Knowledge, Skills and Abilities.

If you need a reference Dave let me know. My name is a gold standard in the hallowed ranks of the NPS.

Audie said...

You guys are killin' me.

Maybe Pervis is lookin' to transfer.

It is, after all, a unique and exciting opportunity.

Anonymous said...

This "kills" me.

Beamis, you nailed them once again.

Anonymous said...


Yeah, exciting:

Maintains all accounting records.

Procures supplies.

Attends meetings.

Exciting indeed!