Tuesday, February 13, 2007

It's raining, it's pouring, the old man is snoring

One of the remarkable things about living on the Gulf of Mexico are the incredible rain storms that come and go with such ferocious intensity. The front that passed through Seagrove Beach this afternoon was the same one that spawned a tornado in New Orleans last night which killed one person and caused much destruction. It was the first fatality by a tornado in Orleans Parish since 1971 and only the sixth tornado ever to be recorded in the Big Easy in February.

The recent rash of intense coastal storms is a result of warmer than usual water temperatures in the Gulf and much colder air masses pushing down into the Deep South from Canada that normally tend to pass by further to the north. When these contrasting systems collide you'd better look out brutha!

When the current cold front passes through later tonight, the weather service is predicting sharply cooler readings for the rest of the week, with overnight lows dropping down into the upper teens by Friday night. Now that IS cold for Florida!

Well I was out and about in it today and just happened to have my camera handy. This sure is a whole lot different than the weather they have in the Great Basin.

Hwy. 98

Thar she blows!

Searchin' for fools.

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