Thursday, May 26, 2005

Perpetual Warfare

The rapid emergence of our federal government as a true force of evil in the world eventually compels all of us to re-assess our own personal plans and ambitions in the acknowledged recognition that this unbridled monster is a dangerous threat to every human being alive on the planet. The government of the United States is known, to the majority of the world's citizens, as a savage war machine unleashed; with thirsty ambitions to spread it's current conflict beyond Mesopotamia and Afghanistan on into ancient Syria and the mountain fastness of Persia.

How many of you knew that the American military, just today, was launching a major offensive in western Iraq? How many of you knew that in this operation by the 3rd Battalion of the Third Marines was about "maintaining pressure" around the town of Haditha and has been fiercely fighting there for the past three months "rooting out" insurgents.

The funny thing about it is that a major offensive staged by the current version of the American military is only around a thousand men. According to the wire story it consisted of "about 1,000 U.S. Marines, sailors and members of Iraq's security forces...", a rag-tag bunch at best, outnumbered in the thousands against heavily armed fanatics bent on their total annihilation.

It reminds me of many similar invading armies from the past including the bogged down Nazis in Serbia and Montenegro "rooting out partisans" in the 1940's or the hapless U.S. Marines of 40 years ago in Vietnam "maintaining pressure" along the DMZ or the Imperial Roman Army getting their asses kicked and bloodied by the ancient Scots (Picts) and the even badder-assed Welsh during their ill-fated British expeditions 2,000 years ago. In each case the invading army is probing blindly deep within someone else's fanatically held territory. The very presence of these invading forces is not only found to be offensive but, in many cases, an actual affront to the local clansmen's God or deity. One's actual entry into heaven is often bound up in the enemy's total annihilation. In the case of the Vietcong it was never about heaven but getting a nice strip mall store in Garden Grove or Fountain Valley after the war was won.

The American military enlistment rate has fallen down to nothing and a new draft day looms on the horizon. The war machine has already consumed a half-trillion of our productively raised dollars to plunge us all headlong into a spiral of debt, death and misery-----not to mention the enmity of just about every nation on earth. When are we gonna get up off our asses and stand up and say "NO, not in my name!" They are planning to invade Syria and Iran by the fall, or so they say, and all we can generally muster for interest in a wider world is a muted glance at today's headlines concerning the runaway bride or requests made by the Santa Barbara County D.A. to show pictures of Michael Jackson's penis. These may well be the final days after all.

My prediction: Allah will first cleanse the infidel from his holy lands and then completely from this earth! Don't say I didn't warn ya'll.

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